A Day in the Life of a Scientist

Activities based on your visit to the Darwin Centre

Get the most out of the Cocoon experience at the Darwin Centre with these curriculum-linked activities.

These free online activities will support learning in the classroom before and after your visit.

There are 3 activities, one each for Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and post-16 students. Students work their way through a set of web pages that guide them through the activity.

Each activity asks students to take on a role, for example a scientist applying for a job, or a journalist reporting on the Darwin Centre. They use their visit to the Cocoon experience to do research before presenting back to their class in groups or individually.

Teacher notes
  • Blanca Huertas
    Key Stage 3: Who works at the Museum?

    Take the role of a scientist, news reporter or radio interviewer to give a presentation about how scientists in the Darwin Centre study biodiversity.

  • scientist
    Key Stage 4: Careers in science

    Take the role of an interviewer or a scientist being interviewed for a research position. You will use your visit to the Darwin Centre to help you prepare.

  • expedition equipment
    Post-16: Planning an expedition

    Become a biomedical researcher studying the links between living organisms and disease. Your task is to plan an expedition and present your application for funding.