Sensational Butterflies opens at the Museum

Follow chomping caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies in the exhibition Sensational Butterflies, now open at the Natural History Museum.

Now in its seventh year, the tropical butterfly house is a summer favourite for families, as well as adults, and last year it was chosen as the location for Prince George’s official first birthday portrait.

Escape the city bustle and experience hundreds of striking butterflies and moths fluttering above your head.

'Sensational Butterflies is a rare chance to see butterflies and moths usually seen in Africa, Asia and South America' says Dr Blanca Huertas, Museum curator of butterflies and moths.'It is a chance to see these beautiful creatures in flight and to contemplate their delicate balance with their environment here in the city'.

Other highlights include a butterfly garden with tips on how to plant your own, a hatchery where you can see butterflies emerge from their chrysalises, and plenty of games and activities.