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Dino Timeline

The first dinosaurs appeared around 247 million years ago (mya) in a time known as the Mesozoic Era. Scientists divide this era into 3 periods: the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Select a section of the timeline below to see dinosaurs that lived then.

150 Late Cretaceous dinosaurs

Egypt Spinosaurus Large theropod
Morocco Spinosaurus Large theropod
Niger Rugops Large theropod
Egypt Paralititan Euornithopod
Madagascar Masiakasaurus Large theropod
Majungatholus Large theropod
Morocco Deltadromeus Small theropod
North Africa Carcharodontosaurus Large theropod
Egypt Aegyptosaurus Sauropod
Antarctica Antarctopelta Ankylosaurid
Mongolia Velociraptor Small theropod
Uzbekistan Urbacodon Small theropod
Mongolia Udanoceratops Ceratopian
Tylocephale Euornithopod
China Tsintaosaurus Euornithopod
Mongolia Tsagantegia Ankylosaurid
Therizinosaurus Large theropod
Tarchia Ankylosaurid
China Tarbosaurus Large theropod
Mongolia Tarbosaurus Large theropod
China Tanius Euornithopod
Mongolia Talarurus Ankylosaurid
China Sonidosaurus Sauropod
Mongolia Shuvuuia Euornithopod
China Shantungosaurus Euornithopod
Mongolia Segnosaurus Large theropod
Saurornithoides Ornithomimosaur
Saurolophus Euornithopod
Saichania Ankylosaurid
Rinchenia Small theropod
Quaesitosaurus Sauropod
China Protoceratops Ceratopian
Mongolia Protoceratops Ceratopian
Prenocephale Euornithopod
Platyceratops Ceratopian
China Pinacosaurus Ankylosaurid
Mongolia Pinacosaurus Ankylosaurid
Oviraptor Small theropod
Opisthocoelicaudia Sauropod
Nomingia Small theropod
Russia Nipponosaurus Euornithopod
Mongolia Nemegtosaurus Sauropod
China Nanshiungosaurus Large theropod
Mononykus Small theropod
Mongolia Mononykus Small theropod
China Micropachycephalosaurus Euornithopod
Microceratops Ceratopian
Mongolia Microceratops Ceratopian
Lamaceratops Ceratopian
Khaan Small theropod
Kazakhstan Jaxartosaurus Euornithopod
India Isisaurus Sauropod
Mongolia Ingenia Small theropod
India Indosuchus Large theropod
Mongolia Homalocephale Euornithopod
Graciliceratops Ceratopian
Goyocephale Large theropod
China Gilmoreosaurus Euornithopod
Mongolia Garudimimus Ornithomimosaur
Gallimimus Ornithomimosaur
Erlikosaurus Small theropod
India Dravidosaurus Ankylosaurid
Mongolia Deinocheirus Small theropod
Conchoraptor Small theropod
Citipati Small theropod
Borogovia Small theropod
Bagaceratops Ceratopian
China Bactrosaurus Euornithopod
Avimimus Small theropod
Mongolia Avimimus Small theropod
China Archaeornithomimus Ornithomimosaur
Uzbekistan Archaeornithomimus Ornithomimosaur
Kazakhstan Aralosaurus Euornithopod
Mongolia Anserimimus Ornithomimosaur
Alioramus Large theropod
China Alectrosaurus Large theropod
Mongolia Alectrosaurus Large theropod
Achillobator Small theropod
Romania Zalmoxes Euornithopod
France Telmatosaurus Euornithopod
Romania Telmatosaurus Euornithopod
Spain Telmatosaurus Euornithopod
Austria Struthiosaurus Ankylosaurid
France Struthiosaurus Ankylosaurid
Romania Struthiosaurus Ankylosaurid
Spain Struthiosaurus Ankylosaurid
Austria Rhabdodon Euornithopod
France Rhabdodon Euornithopod
Romania Rhabdodon Euornithopod
Spain Rhabdodon Euornithopod
Romania Magyarosaurus Sauropod
France Hypselosaurus Sauropod
Spain Hypselosaurus Sauropod
France Ampelosaurus Sauropod
North America
USA Zuniceratops Ceratopian
Canada Tyrannosaurus Large theropod
USA Tyrannosaurus Large theropod
Troodon Small theropod
Triceratops Ceratopian
Canada Torosaurus Ceratopian
USA Torosaurus Ceratopian
Canada Thescelosaurus Euornithopod
USA Thescelosaurus Euornithopod
Canada Styracosaurus Ceratopian
USA Styracosaurus Ceratopian
Stygimoloch Euornithopod
Canada Struthiomimus Ornithomimosaur
Stegoceras Euornithopod
USA Stegoceras Euornithopod
Canada Saurolophus Euornithopod
USA Protohadros Euornithopod
Canada Prosaurolophus Euornithopod
USA Prosaurolophus Euornithopod
Pentaceratops Ceratopian
Canada Parksosaurus Euornithopod
Parasaurolophus Euornithopod
USA Parasaurolophus Euornithopod
Canada Panoplosaurus Ankylosaurid
USA Panoplosaurus Ankylosaurid
Canada Pachyrhinosaurus Ceratopian
Pachycephalosaurus Euornithopod
USA Pachycephalosaurus Euornithopod
Oryctodromeus Euornithopod
Orodromeus Euornithopod
Canada Ornithomimus Ornithomimosaur
USA Ornithomimus Ornithomimosaur
Nothronychus Large theropod
Nanotyrannus Large theropod
Maiasaura Euornithopod
Lophorhothon Euornithopod
Canada Leptoceratops Ceratopian
USA Leptoceratops Ceratopian
Canada Lambeosaurus Euornithopod
USA Kritosaurus Euornithopod
Canada Hypacrosaurus Euornithopod
USA Hypacrosaurus Euornithopod
Hadrosaurus Euornithopod
Canada Gryposaurus Euornithopod
USA Gryposaurus Euornithopod
Canada Gorgosaurus Large theropod
USA Gorgosaurus Large theropod
Canada Euoplocephalus Ankylosaurid
USA Euoplocephalus Ankylosaurid
Eolambia Euornithopod
Einiosaurus Ceratopian
Canada Edmontosaurus Euornithopod
Edmontonia Ankylosaurid
USA Dryptosaurus Large theropod
Canada Dromiceiomimus Ornithomimosaur
Dromaeosaurus Small theropod
USA Dromaeosaurus Small theropod
Dracorex Euornithopod
Diceratops Ceratopian
Canada Daspletosaurus Large theropod
Corythosaurus Euornithopod
USA Corythosaurus Euornithopod
Canada Chasmosaurus Ceratopian
Centrosaurus Ceratopian
USA Bugenasaura Euornithopod
Canada Brachylophosaurus Euornithopod
USA Brachylophosaurus Euornithopod
Brachyceratops Ceratopian
Bambiraptor Small theropod
Avaceratops Ceratopian
Canada Arrhinoceratops Ceratopian
Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurid
USA Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurid
Canada Anchiceratops Ceratopian
USA Anatotitan Euornithopod
Canada Albertosaurus Large theropod
Albertaceratops Ceratopian
USA Albertaceratops Ceratopian
Alamosaurus Sauropod
Achelousaurus Ceratopian
South America
Argentina Unenlagia Small theropod
Secernosaurus Euornithopod
Saltasaurus Sauropod
Uruguay Saltasaurus Sauropod
Argentina Noasaurus Large theropod
Neuquenosaurus Sauropod
Brazil Maxakalisaurus Sauropod
Argentina Mapusaurus Large theropod
Kritosaurus Euornithopod
Gasparinisaura Euornithopod
Carnotaurus Large theropod
Buitreraptor Small theropod
Aucasaurus Large theropod
Argentinosaurus Sauropod
Antarctosaurus Sauropod
Chile Antarctosaurus Sauropod
Uruguay Antarctosaurus Sauropod
Argentina Alvarezsaurus Small theropod
Abelisaurus Large theropod