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96 dinosaurs from USA

North America
USA Hagryphus Small theropod
Deinonychus Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Nodosaurus Early Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Tenontosaurus Early Cretaceous Euornithopod
Utahraptor Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Zephyrosaurus Early Cretaceous Euornithopod
Acrocanthosaurus Early Cretaceous Large theropod
Sauropelta Early Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Supersaurus Early Cretaceous Sauropod
Silvisaurus Early Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Cedarpelta Early Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Pleurocoelus Early Cretaceous Sauropod
Gastonia Early Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Abydosaurus Early Cretaceous Sauropod
Brontomerus Early Cretaceous Sauropod
Iguanodon Early Cretaceous Euornithopod
Dilophosaurus Early Jurassic Small theropod
Anchisaurus Early Jurassic Sauropod
Ammosaurus Early Jurassic Sauropod
Scutellosaurus Early Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Anatotitan Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Ankylosaurus Late Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Corythosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Dromaeosaurus Late Cretaceous Small theropod
Euoplocephalus Late Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Maiasaura Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Orodromeus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Pachycephalosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Parasaurolophus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Stegoceras Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Styracosaurus Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Thescelosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Torosaurus Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Triceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Troodon Late Cretaceous Small theropod
Tyrannosaurus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Ornithomimus Late Cretaceous Ornithomimosaur
Dryptosaurus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Hadrosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Kritosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Achelousaurus Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Alamosaurus Late Cretaceous Sauropod
Panoplosaurus Late Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Pentaceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Avaceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Brachyceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Diceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Leptoceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Nanotyrannus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Einiosaurus Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Brachylophosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Hypacrosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Stygimoloch Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Zuniceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Dracorex Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Bambiraptor Late Cretaceous Small theropod
Lophorhothon Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Prosaurolophus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Bugenasaura Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Gorgosaurus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Nothronychus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Protohadros Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Eolambia Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Gryposaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Albertaceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Oryctodromeus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Saurornitholestes Late Cretaceous
Allosaurus Late Jurassic Large theropod
Apatosaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Barosaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Brachiosaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Camarasaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Ceratosaurus Late Jurassic Large theropod
Diplodocus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Late Jurassic Sauropod
Late Jurassic Sauropod
Ornitholestes Late Jurassic Small theropod
Stegosaurus Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Torvosaurus Late Jurassic Large theropod
Dryosaurus Late Jurassic Euornithopod
Seismosaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Coelurus Late Jurassic Small theropod
Haplocanthosaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Othnielia Late Jurassic Euornithopod
Saurophaganax Late Jurassic Large theropod
Marshosaurus Late Jurassic Small theropod
Gargoyleosaurus Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Hesperosaurus Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Camptosaurus Late Jurassic Euornithopod
Coelophysis Late Triassic Small theropod
Syntarsus Late Triassic Small theropod
Chindesaurus Late Triassic Small theropod
Podokesaurus Mid Jurassic Small theropod
Segisaurus Mid Jurassic Large theropod