59 dinosaurs from Peoples Republic Of China

Peoples Republic of China Psittacosaurus Early Cretaceous Euornithopod
Caudipteryx Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Microraptor Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Protarchaeopteryx Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Sinornithosaurus Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Sinosauropteryx Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Confuciusornis Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Probactrosaurus Early Cretaceous Euornithopod
Liaoxiornis Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Wuerhosaurus Early Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Archaeoceratops Early Cretaceous Ceratopian
Beipiaosaurus Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Sinvenator Early Cretaceous Small theropod
Equijubus Early Cretaceous Euornithopod
Jinzhousaurus Early Cretaceous Euornithopod
Liaoceratops Early Cretaceous Ceratopian
Gobisaurus Early Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Lufengosaurus Early Jurassic Sauropod
Yunnanosaurus Early Jurassic Sauropod
Jingshanosaurus Early Jurassic Sauropod
Yimenosaurus Early Jurassic Sauropod
Protoceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Shantungosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Tarbosaurus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Gilmoreosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Avimimus Late Cretaceous Small theropod
Alectrosaurus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Archaeornithomimus Late Cretaceous Ornithomimosaur
Pinacosaurus Late Cretaceous Ankylosaurid
Microceratops Late Cretaceous Ceratopian
Micropachycephalosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Nanshiungosaurus Late Cretaceous Large theropod
Tsintaosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Sonidosaurus Late Cretaceous Sauropod
Mononykus Late Cretaceous Small theropod
Bactrosaurus Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Tanius Late Cretaceous Euornithopod
Tuojiangosaurus Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Mamenchisaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Yangchuanosaurus Late Jurassic Large theropod
Yingshanosaurus Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Chialingosaurus Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Chinshakiangosaurus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Euhelopus Late Jurassic Sauropod
Chaoyangsaurus Late Jurassic Ceratopian
Guanlong Late Jurassic Large theropod
Agilisaurus Late Jurassic Euornithopod
Chungkingosaurus Late Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Gasosaurus Mid Jurassic Large theropod
Huayangosaurus Mid Jurassic Ankylosaurid
Shunosaurus Mid Jurassic Sauropod
Datousaurus Mid Jurassic Sauropod
Omeisaurus Mid Jurassic Sauropod
Yandusaurus Mid Jurassic Euornithopod
Yuanmousaurus Mid Jurassic Sauropod
Monolophosaurus Mid Jurassic Large theropod
Sinraptor Mid Jurassic Large theropod
Yinlong Mid Jurassic Ceratopian
Bellusaurus Mid Jurassic Sauropod