Extinction: Not the End of the World?


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Take your visitors beyond dodos and dinosaurs to explore the crucial role extinction can play in the evolution of life.

In this highly topical exhibition, the latest scientific findings on mass extinctions come to life through real specimens, video footage, interactive games and more.

Extinction is suitable for a wide range of audiences interested in the origins and future of life on Earth. As your visitors journey through the exhibition, your visitors will explore lost species, ranging from the dinosaur and dodo to bizarre insects and super-sized birds.

Survivors and relics

Along the way, survivors from past mass extinctions make an appearance such as the leatherback turtle, as well as species that have returned from the dead.

The exhibition also examines recent losses to extinction and the prospects for today's endangered species, like the tiger and orang-utan. Can conservation save them, or could we be on the verge of causing the next mass extinction?

Alongside fascinating facts and dramatic imagery and film, your visitors will get up close to more than 60 real specimens, from a life-size skull cast of Chasmosaurus belli, one of the last dinosaurs to have lived, to an enormous elephant bird egg.

The human story

In the final part of the exhibition, visitors learn about what extinction means for humans. Only 1 of the 9 human species that has ever lived has survived.

But what does the future hold for us humans? Are we on the verge of creating another mass extinction or will we go the way of the Neanderthals and become extinct ourselves?

What are our hopes and wishes for life on Earth? Are there species we couldn’t live without? Visitors can get involved by writing on a paper leaf and attaching it to the wishing tree at the end of the exhibition, leaving their own hopes and wishes for others to see.

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To host this exhibition you will need:

  • minimum 450m2 indoor display area 
  • 4.5m ceiling height for assembly
  • environmentally-controlled conditions 
  • suitable doorway access
  • storage facilities for transport cases
  • single-phase electrical supply
  • a clean and secure room next to the gallery for specimen preparation during installation and dismantling
  • forklift with driver and hoists and other access, installation and exit equipment
  • cover transport costs 
  • insurance

Estimated installation/dismantling period: 14 days

Ideal hire period: at least 3 months

Exhibition trailer for Extinction: Not the End of the World?

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