Hiring and hosting an exhibition

Never hired an exhibition before? Get an insight into how we work with this guide to hiring and hosting an exhibition.

Choose an exhibition

Get detailed information about our exhibitions to help you decide which one will work best for your audience on the Exhibitions for hire page.

Check availability with us

Contact us to find out if the exhibition you have chosen is available on your preferred dates.

Will the exhibition fit your venue?

Our logistics team compares measurements from your temporary gallery space with the specifications of the exhibition to ensure the exhibition will fit into your temporary gallery space.

Site visit

A member of our technical team will conduct a detailed site inspection to ensure the exhibition can be installed successfully in your building.

Getting ready

At this stage texts must be produced and translated, marketing materials should be produced and we'll provide detailed specifications about the exhibition and any equipment that you'll need to provide for the installation.

Transport and installation

Our logistics manager confirms exact dates for the arrival of the exhibition, books the transport and schedules the installation team.

Exhibition installation

Your local team and our technicians work together to install the exhibition and adapt it to your venue. This can take from 8 to 14 days depending on the exhibition you are hiring.

Public opening

Your VIP and press launches generate media coverage and the exhibition opens to its first visitors.

To get a further taste of what it's like to hire, install and host one of our exhibitions at your venue, watch the video below.

Watch the Installation of Dino Jaws video

For more information about hiring and hosting an exhibition, or to speak to us about your venue, please contact us.

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