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Showcase awesome animatronic models at your venue, immerse visitors into a stinking penguin colony, or move them with stunning photographic exhibitions.

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  • Tuna model from Extinction: Not the End of the World exhibition
    Extinction: Not the End of the World?

    Hire this highly topical exhibition exploring the latest findings on mass extinction, with large-scale video installation, interactive games and more than 60 real specimens. Are we about to cause the next mass extinction?

  • Age of the Dinosaur - Touring Exhibition
    Age of the Dinosaur

    Developed with palaeontologists, animal behaviour experts, biologists and Museum curators, Age of the Dinosaur is a unique journey through the 3 periods of the Mesozoic era: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

  • Sexual Nature - Touring Exhibitions
    Sexual Nature

    Working with evolutionary biologists, animal behaviour experts and Museum curators, Sexual Nature examines and explores in intimate detail the sex lives of animals.

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year
    Wildlife Photographer of the Year

    Aimed at an audience of all ages, this spectacular wildlife photography exhibition celebrates the drama and splendour of the natural world. There are 2 versions available to hire: a 500m² back-lit version and a more compact, 300m² version, mounted on Dibond (aluminium composite) panels.

  • Coelophysis from the Dino Jaws exhibition
    Dino Jaws

    Immerse your audience in the world of dinosaurs. Visitors have to dig for fossils, rummage through dinosaur dung and find out what T.rex had for dinner!

  • Triceratops models from Dinosaur Encounter
    Dinosaur Encounter

    This range of breathtaking animatronic exhibits has been developed alongside our world-class scientists at the Museum, and is sure to make some noise at your venue.

  • Myths and Monsters
    Myths and Monsters

    Give your audience the opportunity to unravel the truth behind universal legends and myths. This popular exhibition incorporates amazing animatronics, panels and specimens.

  • The enormous T.rex cast from T.rex: The Killer Question exhibition
    T.rex: The Killer Question

    Life-size animatronics, skeleton casts and contributions from scientists make a compelling exhibition, which encourages participants to think like scientists and draw their own conclusions.

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