Philip’s Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils

2nd edition

A. C. Bishop, A. R. Woolley and W. R. Hamilton

An authoritative and practical identification guide to minerals, rocks and fossils of the world.

978 0 540 07429 7
November 1999
198 x 126 mm
336 pp
Colour throughout
Philip’s in association with the Natural History Museum


This is a practical and authoritative guide to identifying minerals, rocks and fossils. It is an invaluable handbook for amateur collectors and specialists alike, small and compact enough to carry in the pocket or rucksack. 

The illustrations in this revised edition have been improved to give a truer representation of the colours found in nature. A best-seller in its field since 1974 when it was first published, the 1999 edition has been completely revised and updated, with brand-new, extended introductory sections and appendices.

Around 145 colour plates show typical mineral, rock and fossils specimens. The plates were photographed from the Natural History Museum's incredible collection. Over 100 specially commissioned line drawings illustrate the authoritative descriptions of the specimens.

Philip’s Guide to Minerals, Rocks and Fossils 2nd edition is available to order from our co-publisher Philip's. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

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