Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World

Africa (Part 3)

A. R. Woolley

Apart from their scientific interest, alkaline rocks and carbonatites are of major, and growing, economic importance. This book describes and provides ready access to the literature for all known occurrences of alkaline igneous rocks and carbonatites of Africa.

978 1 862 39083 6
April 2001
300 x 213 mm
384 pp
Geological Society in association with the Natural History Museum


Africa is the continent most richly endowed with alkaline rocks and carbonatites. Over 1000 occurrences are described from 40 countries. The descriptions include geographical co-ordinates and information of structure, general geology, rock types, petrography, mineralogy, ages, economic aspects and principal references. There are 348 geological and distribution maps and a locality index. This book will appeal to research scientists in the fields of igneous petrology and volcanology, as well as geologists interested in the regional distribution of igneous rocks.

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