Treasures of the earth

Roger Pabian

with Brian Jackson, Peter Tandy and John Cromartie

Agates: Treasures of the Earth is the first popular guide to agates. This fully illustrated book includes both a detailed introduction to the geology of agates and a comprehensive guide to agates of the world.

978 0 565 09195 8
June 2006
216 x 156 mm
184 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum


Created within volcanic lava, some agate dates back 545 million years. It forms within cavities in the rock, taking on distinctive shapes and colours all over the world according to local geology. This is an indispensable resource for anyone with a fascination for agates, from amateur collectors to gemmologists. With text from a well-known expert in the field this is both an up-to-date reference source and an accessible introduction to the world of agates.

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Look inside this book to get an idea of its content. 

Striking agates from Scotland

Striking agates from Scotland.

How agates form

How agates form.

Sources of agates

Where to find agates worldwide.

What is an agate?

Find out what an agate is.

The uses of agates through the ages

The uses of agates through the ages.


Roger Pabian is a highly respected agates specialist and palaeontologist. He worked at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 35 years teaching the geology of gemstones and now teaches gem-cutting.

Brian Jackson is the Head of Mineralogy at the National Museums Scotland. 

Peter Tandy is a curator in the Department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, London. 

John Cromartie is an expert on Scottish agates with 35 years collecting experience.


Find out what others think of this book.

"This reasonably priced guide to agates deserves to be popular with amateur and professional mineralogists and collectors everywhere."

Mineralogical Magazine

"The formation of agates is probably the clearest explanation that I have ever seen…beautifully illustrated with excellent full page colour pictures. Good value."

Down to Earth

"A sparkling tribute to agates."

Earth Heritage

"This is a neat little book that does not condescend to the reader but actually instructs in an intelligent thought-out and thorough manner. It details the sources of the stones, their properties, their uses and how to go about collecting them."

Antiques Magazine

"Whether you are a seasoned expert or just beginning your collection, this book is an indispensable resource. With wonderful colour photographs of beautiful agates throughout, it includes an accessible introduction to their geology and formation. Features a comprehensive illustrated guide to the different varieties of agates from all parts of the world."

Antiques Info Magazine

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