Ticks of North-West Europe

No. 52 synopsis of the British fauna

Paul Hillyard

This unique Synopsis will help unlock the secrets of a much maligned, yet very important group. In all 28 species of tick are featured including Hyalomma aegyptium which has been found on imported tortoises.

978 1 851 53257 5
January 1996
216 x 138 mm
179 pp
Field Studies Council in association with the Natural History Museum


In Europe over the last 20 years there has arisen greater awareness of ticks and the diseases that they carry, perhaps largely due to the emergence of Lyme disease. Accurate identification is the essential first stage in any study of ticks. This text aims to make identification of the species of ticks known to occur regularly in North-West Europe as straightforward as possible.

The region covered encompasses Britain and Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Northern France, Western Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. The species descriptions and diagnostic illustrations focus mainly on the ticks' adult stages and are intended as a diagnosis, rather than as comprehensive descriptions. Besides guidance on identification, the treatment of each species includes information on taxonomy and the introductory chapters present those aspects of the biology of ticks which are especially relevant in terms of their role as carriers of disease.

This synopsis forms part of a series called the Synopses of the British Fauna. Each volume in the series provides a detailed account of a group of animals, and is suitable for more experienced users. Please contact the Field Studies Council for more information.

Ticks of north-west Europe: No. 52 Synopsis of the British Fauna is available to order from our co-publisher Field Studies Council. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

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