Identifying British Insects and Arachnids

Edited by Peter C. Barnard

An essential reference book for anyone involved in insect and arachnid identification, from interested amateurs to professionals dealing with unfamiliar groups.

978 0 521 63241 6
April 1999
228 x 152 mm
368 pp
19 line drawings
Cambridge University Press in association with the Natural History Museum


Until now, individuals wishing to identify British insects have found it difficult to track down the specialist keys published in obscure literature, whereas the popular guides are often misleadingly simplistic, covering only a fraction of the species. This book bridges the gap, providing expert guidance through the taxonomic maze. 

It contains an introduction to each group of organisms, and over 2,000 references selected as being the most useful and up-to-date for accurate identification, together with notes on their relevance and coverage. 

A further chapter covers the understanding and retrieval of scientific references, with advice on using libraries and other information services.

Identifying British Insects and Arachnids is available to order from our co-publisher Cambridge University Press. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

About the contributors

The contributors are:

Julie M. V. Harvey, Peter C. Barnard, Stephen J. Brooks, Judith A. Marshall, Jon H. Martin, Chris H. C. Lyal, Mick D. Webb, Peter M. Hammond, Stuart J. Hine, Mark A. Parsons, Gaden S. Robinson, Martin R. Honey, David J. Carter, Nigel P. Wyatt, John E. Chaine, Theresa M. Howard, John S. Noyes, Mike G. Fitton, Donald L. J. Quicke, David G. Notton, George R. Else, Nigel D. M. Ferguson, Barry Bolton, Suzanne Lewis, Laraine C. Tarel, Paul D. Hillyard, Anne S. Baker.

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