The Hymenoptera of Costa Rica

Paul E. Hanson and Ian D. Gauld

This book covers the classification, biology, morphology, and economic importance of the hymenoptera group of Costa Rica, and includes illustrated keys to families and subfamilies. It is the first book that includes comprehensive coverage of the hymenopterous fauna of a tropical country.

978 0 19 854905 5
December 1995
246 x 189 mm
920 pp
Oxford University Press in association with the Natural History Museum


Members of the Hymenopteran order range from the familiar ants, bees, and wasps to a huge variety of predatory, parasitic, and plant-feeding insects. They are of immense economic significance, primarily as pollinators but also because of their increasing use as biological control agents. The book is illustrated throughout by fine line drawings, black and white photographs, and scanning electron micrographs. An extensive bibliography of key works for the identification and biological study of the Central American Hymenoptera is provided. 

It will appeal to professional and research biologists and biological control scientists interested in the neotropics, as well as those working at universities and field study centres in Central America, Mexico, and to a lesser extent in Southern USA and elsewhere in Latin America.

The Hymenoptera of Costa Rica is available to order from our co-publisher Oxford University Press. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.


The book is edited by Dr Paul E. Hanson from the University of Costa Rica and Dr Ian D. Gauld from the Department of Entomology at the Natural History Museum, London.

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