Hostplants of the Moth and Butterfly Caterpillars of the Oriental Region

Gaden S. Robinson, Phillip R. Ackery, Ian J. Kitching, George W. Beccaloni and Luis M. Hernandez

This book is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in the moths and butterflies of the Oriental region and their biology. It is also of significant relevance to agriculturalists, foresters and ecologists.

978 9 834 00533 7
December 2001
253 x 181 mm
744 pp
Natural History Museum in association with Southdene Sdn Bhd


This work is the first to bring together the enormous body of information on what the butterfly and moth caterpillars of the Oriental region eat. It is an overview based on major and recent sources, offering a large body of taxonomically uniform and reliable data.

Information on who-eats-what in the caterpillar world, and the converse, what-is-eaten-by-whom, allows questions of broad biological interest about the patterns of relationship between plants and insects to be tackled. At a more specific level, knowledge of which caterpillar species eat which plants is fundamental to studies of individual species as well as groups, and provides a springboard for more detailed studies of life histories and biology.

The geographical scope of this book encompasses the tropical and subtropical Orient including:

  • Pakistan and India
  • Malay Peninsula, Borneo and Sulawesi
  • Philippines, China (including Hainan and Hong Kong but excluding, where known, the temperate - East Palearctic - provinces)
  • Taiwan and the southernmost islands of Japan - the Ryukyu Islands

Hostplants of the Moth and Butterfly Caterpillars is available to order from our co-publisher Southdene Sdn Bhd. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

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