Arthropods of Economic Importance

Interactive tutorial for the preparation of genitalia in Microlepidoptera Version: 1.0

L. Meijerman and K. R. Tuck

This interactive CD-ROM on the preparation of genitalia of Microlepidoptera is a teaching tool that aims to facilitate the procedures of dissecting genitalia and the making of genitalia slides for relatively inexperienced users.

ISBN 10:
90 75000 18 9
September 2009
Hybrid CD
Mac and Windows CD available
ETI Information Services Ltd in association with the Natural History Museum


This tutorial describes the procedures used for the economically important superfamily Tortricoidea, which have a broad application to many groups of Microlepidoptera. For both males and females, most steps in the procedures are clarified using digital movie footage. 

The equipment used is described and illustrated throughout. In a section on the genitalia of males and females, taxonomically important structures are illustrated and labelled. A hyperlinked glossary provides definitions for technical and scientific terms used in the program or likely to be encountered elsewhere, and provides access to illustrations offering further clarification.

Arthropods of Economic Importance is available to order from our co-publisher ETI Information Services Ltd. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

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