Aphids on the World’s Crops

An identification and information guide, second edition

Roger Blackman and Victor Eastop

Written by leading authorities in this field, Aphids on the World's Crops is an essential reference tool for economic, applied and agricultural entomologists at universities, research institutes and advisory centres throughout the world.

978 0 471 85191 2
February 2000
250 mm x 184 mm
476 pp
John Wiley & Sons Ltd in association with the Natural History Museum


This extensively revised and fully updated guide to a major group of agriculturally important insects will enable non-specialist workers anywhere in the world to identify aphids found colonising crop plants. 

For each species the information given includes: appearance in life, host plants, virus-transmitting ability, present geographical distribution and relevant features of biology including information about natural enemies. There is also a photographic guide to more than 150 of the most economically important species.

The book includes well-illustrated keys designed to enable non-specialists to identify any aphid they find colonising a crop or plant and provides a summary of the techniques available for studying aphids.

Aphid's on the World Crops is available to order from our co-publisher John Wiley & Sons Ltd. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.


Roger Blackman and Victor Eastop work in the Department of Entomology at the Natural History Museum.


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"... a book to be recommended. It meets its title in that it genuinely deals with crops from the whole world, and it is full of information in an accessible form. It is easy to use and should provide a much improved basis for work on aphids and aphid control."

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