Written by experts, these accessible books explain this fundamental yet often complex subject.

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  • 99% Ape cover
    99% Ape

    In 99% Ape: How evolution adds up leading experts explain this fundamental yet often complex subject and guide the general reader through the latest evidence.

  • Britain book cover

    This is the amazing story of human life in Britain. It begins nearly one million years ago, during the earliest known human occupation, and reveals how humans have periodically lived there ever since.

  • Darwin Diary cover
    Darwin Diary 2009

    This timely week-to-view diary is published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. Every week there is a specially selected full-page illustration as well as entries reflecting the important dates or landmarks from Darwin’s life.

  • Dino-birds cover

    Explore the ever-growing evidence supporting the evolution of dinosaurs to birds.

  • Discovery of Evolution cover
    Discovery of Evolution 2nd edition

    The Discovery of Evolution explains what the theory of evolution is all about by providing a historical narrative of discovery. Some of the major puzzles that confront anyone studying living things are discussed and details provided of how these were solved from an evolutionary perspective.

  • Driven to Extinction cover
    Driven to Extinction

    An absorbing and unbiased account of what may lie in store for the diversity of life on Earth.

  • Evolution cover

    Using all the available fossil record as evidence, this book presents the four-billion-year story of life on Earth. It features a 50m-long artwork displayed across 200 pages, supported by hundreds of photographs and illustrations.

  • Evolution 2nd edition cover
    Evolution 2nd edition

    This clear and well-illustrated book provides a concise and interesting summary of modern evolutionary theory.

  • Evolution app
    Evolution app

    Discover more than 650 million years of Earth's extraordinary history at the touch of a button with the Natural History Museum’s landmark app, Evolution.

  • Fossil Plants cover
    Fossil Plants

    Discover the fascinating story of plants, one of the most spectacularly diverse groups of organisms on Earth.

  • Fragile Web cover
    Fragile Web    

    In Fragile Web a team of international experts explore the biodiversity of the natural world and examine what can be done to protect nature and why it matters.

  • Nature's Connections cover
    Nature's Connections

    Nature's Connections gives an absorbing account of the development of natural history that will enrich everyone's understanding and enjoyment of the subject.

  • The Complete World of Human Evolution cover
    The Complete World of Human Evolution

    The 20-million-year story of the origins and development of apes and humans, and the eventual domination of our own species, Homo sapiens.

  • The Human Story cover
    The Human Story

    The Human Story is a guide to human ancestors, from the earliest hominins dating back 6 to 7 million years through to our own species, Homo sapiens.

Evolution app for iPad

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