Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean book cover

Tony Rice

Tony Rice's lively, informative book tells how oceanography has developed as a science, and summarizes what is now known about deep ocean environments and the organisms that populate them.

978 0 565 09150 7
September 2000
235 x 210 mm
96 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum


The deep reaches of the ocean, once thought to be populated by just a few species, are now known to harbour an extraordinary array of life. Eel-like fishes, squids, shrimps, worms, snails, starfish and a host of other creatures have all been found to exist in the muddy sea floor and lightless water above it. 

Highlighting the potentially vast species diversity, Deep Ocean provides a compelling view of this vast, mysterious environment.

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Pages from Deep Ocean

Pages from Deep Ocean.

Pages from Deep Ocean

Pages from Deep Ocean.

Pages from Deep Ocean

Pages from Deep Ocean.

Pages from Deep Ocean

Pages from Deep Ocean.

Pages from Deep Ocean

Pages from Deep Ocean.


Tony Rice received his first degree and PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Liverpool. He then worked as curator of crustacea at the Natural History Museum, London, before spending 26 years leading the deep-sea benthic biology team at the Natural Environment Research Council's Institute of Oceanographic Sciences. He now concentrates on writing books and acting as a marine environmental consultant.


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"With this erudite little volume, author Tony Rice pulls together a wealth of material to paint a vivid picture of life in the ocean basins...Rice has done a superb job in condensing what amounts to several centuries of research and discovery into so few pages. The issues that govern life in the deep ocean are many and complex, but all of those who take the trouble to read Deep Ocean will benefit by understanding our planet that little bit more fully. "

Dive magazine

"This is a really wonderful little book. It brilliantly conveys the excitement and mystery of the deep ocean and its often weird inhabitants. The range and quality of its colour pictures are as appealing as the text is accessible and authoritative...The whole book, part of the Natural History Museum's Life Series, is clearly well planned; indeed it is hard to see how the end result could have been improved. The richly illustrated text is essentially linear, but with a sprinkling of apt, well-placed boxes. Who will fail to be captivated by, for example, the luminescent blue-spotted squid Watsenia scintillans, the grotesquely ugly rat-trap fish, or the simply bizarre tripod fish? Even the sea-cucumbers enthrall. Buy this book; you won't be disappointed. "

Peter Sheldon - Ocean Challenge

"...the issuing of Deep Ocean in the Natural History Museum's Life Series coincides with the screening of the BBC TV's highly successful marine wildlife spectacular 'The Blue Planet' could be excused for believing this book provided the blueprint for the film's fabulous and revealing deep sea episode. The author, Dr Tony Rice is a respected authority in the world of oceanography...Certainly Dr Rice's fascinating and beautifully illustrated book forms an excellent companion volume to the BBC's film and would form an ideal gift for any aspiring oceanographer or marine biologist. "

The Naturalist

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