Biotic Response to Global Change

The last 145 million years

Edited by Stephen J. Culver and Peter F. Rawson

With contributions from over 40 international experts, this is an authoritative work on global environmental change and how life on earth has adapted to it.

978 0 521 66304 5
May 2000
247 x 174 mm
480 pp
112 line diagrams, 9 half-tones, 14 tables
Cambridge University Press in association with the Natural History Museum


Concern about the effects of global change on our planet's future has driven much current research into the last few thousand years of earth history. In contrast, this volume takes a much longer viewpoint to provide a historical perspective to recent and future global change.

Over 40 international specialists investigate the reaction of life to global environmental changes, from the Cretaceous period to the present day. During this time Earth's climate has changed from a very warm, 'greenhouse' phase with no significant ice sheets to today's 'ice-house' world. 

A wide spectrum of animal, plant and protistan life is discussed, encompassing terrestrial, shallow-marine and deep-marine realms. Each chapter considers a particular taxonomic group, looking first at the general picture and then focusing on more specialised aspects such as extinctions, diversity and biogeography.

This volume will form an invaluable reference for researchers and graduate students in palaeontology, geology, biology, oceanography and climatology.

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The book is edited by Stephen J. Culver and Peter F. Rawson

There are contributions from over 40 international experts including: 

Stephen J. Culver; Peter F. Rawson; Andrew S. Gale; Kevin T. Pickering; Jackie A. Burnett; Jeremy R. Young; Paul R. Bown; Norman MacLeod; Nievez Ortiz; Nina Fefferman; William Clyde; Christine Schulter; Jena Maclean; Mark R. Chapman; Peter Forey; Martin A. Buzas; J. Alistair Crame; Noel Morris; John Taylor; Brian R. Rosen; Andrew B. Smith; Charlotte H. Jeffrey; Paul D. Taylor; Richard Lupia; Peter R. Crane; Scott Lidgard; Margaret E. Collinson; Robert A. Spicer; Adrian G. Parker; Andrew J. Ross; Ed A. Jarzembowski; Stephen J. Brooks; G. Russell Coope; Angela C. Milner; Andrew R. Milner; Susan E. Evans; Jeremy J. Hooker; Peter J. Whybrow; Peter Andrews; Andrew Currant; Chris Stringer.

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