Antarctic Peninsula

A Visitor's Guide

Edited by British Antarctic Survey

This is the first comprehensive guide to the geography of the Antarctic Peninsula. Written by leading experts from British Antarctic Survey, it is fully illustrated with striking images and detailed maps throughout.

978 0 565 09308 2
September 2012
230 x 170 mm
128 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum
Tourists; visiting scientists and researchers


Each year thousands of ship-borne tourists head to the northern Antarctic Peninsula, and in ever-growing numbers. Focusing on the geography and physical setting of this remote and unique region, Antarctic Peninsula: A Visitor’s Guide is a practical companion for the adventure tourist and visiting scientist alike.

The guide is divided into eight chapters, each of which covers a separate aspect of the Antarctic Peninsula environment: geography; geology; weather and climate; the ice sheet; sea ice and icebergs; life on land; The Antarctic Treaty; origin of place names. Each chapter is written by an expert in that area from British Antarctic Survey – one of the world’s leading environmental research centres and the most respected scientific authority on the region.

Featuring lots of striking images and clear and detailed maps throughout, Antarctic Peninsula: A Visitor’s Guide is packed with essential information, including the variations in climate and weather, geographical statistics, current human activity and the location of research stations, the different types of icebergs to be seen and how they form, and much more.

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Antarctic Peninsula

Pages from Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula

Pages from Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula

Pages from Antarctic Peninsula

About the authors

The book is written by experts from British Antarctic Survey, which is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council. 

Based in Cambridge, UK, British Antarctic Survey has, for over 60 years, undertaken the majority of Britain’s scientific research on and around the Antarctic continent. It employs over 400 staff, and supports three research stations in the Antarctic, at Rothera, Halley and Signy.

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