A Thrilling Journey Through Prehistoric Times

Dougal Dixon

This interactive pop-up book takes readers on an exciting journey through the age of the dinosaurs and reveals the mightiest creatures to have lived on Earth.

978 0 565 09245 0
July 2009
254 x 254 mm
30 pp with pop-ups, flaps
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum


Written by award-winning author and palaeontology expert, Dougal Dixon, the book explains in simple language how dinosaurs evolved, what they looked like and why they mysteriously disappeared from the planet.

Striking dinosaur reconstructions and photographs of fossil skeletons help to provide amazing insights into dinosaur anatomy and behaviour, while fact boxes reveal the greatest fossil finds.

It’s not all about dinosaurs though, as the book also features other amazing animals that shared the dinosaurs’ world, including both flying and swimming reptiles. With things to open, pull and discover, this absorbing guide has everything a young dinosaur enthusiast could possibly wish for.

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Pages from Dinosaurs

Pages from Dinosaurs.

Pages from Dinosaurs

Pages from Dinosaurs.

Pages from Dinosaurs

Pages from Dinosaurs.


Dougal Dixon is an internationally recognized authority on dinosaurs. He is the author of more than 100 books about dinosaurs, geology and evolution, a number of them for younger readers. He has served as a special advisor for programmes and motion pictures about dinosaurs in the United States, UK and Japan. He is currently a full-time writer and book editor specialising in the earth sciences. 

The book has been fully checked and approved by Richard Butler, who works as a researcher in the Department of Palaeontology at the Natural History Museum, London.


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"Crucial read…check out this fab dino book."

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"Dinosaurs always go down well and this one pops up, too, allowing the beasts to rampage a bit. A lively account from a respected source."

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"A worthwhile read, great fun and all approved by the Natural History Museum dinosaur expert."

Flipside Magazine

"This is a fantastic 3D book. It has brilliant pop-ups that make it look realistic."

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