Rocks and Minerals Sticker Book

This colourful sticker book is an informative introduction to 100 rocks and minerals from around the world.

978 0 565 09300 6
June 2012
280 x 216 mm
8 pp, plus 6 pp of stickers
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum
4-6 year olds


Written and designed for younger readers, this book is packed with 100 re-useable stickers, from leopardskin stone and tiger’s eye to ruby, sapphire, diamond, marble, granite and many more. The stickers are accompanied by fun learning pages with lots of bite-size facts about how rocks and minerals are made, what they look like and where they come from.

Readers can put their knowledge to the test with some exciting puzzles and games, including a colouring in activity and spot the mineral quiz, and create their own scenes by adding stickers to a colourful double page landscape spread.

With full colour illustrations throughout, this book is perfect for children who want to know more about these useful and often beautiful objects.

About the experts

The book is fully checked and approved by the Department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, London. The Museum’s world-class collections of minerals, ores, meteorites, rocks and soils include specimens from Mars and the Moon, and from the earliest bodies to form in the Solar System 4.56 billion years ago.