Eyewitness: Skeleton

Steve Parker

The skeleton is the framework of the body. It supports, moves, and protects. It allows us to walk, run, jump, and swim. This superb book brings its variety, complexity, and ingenuity of design vividly to life.

978 0 756 60727 2
August 2004
276 x 216 mm
72 pp
Colour throughout
Dorling Kindersley in association with the Natural History Museum


Starting with the complete human skeleton, the book explains how each set of bones functions, and examines in detail the construction of the skull, the spine and rib cage, hands and arms, and legs and feet. A wide range of animal bones and skeletons are included to highlight the similarities and differences relative to humans. It also describes what bones are made of and how they grow. With superb colour photographs, Skeleton is a unique and compelling introduction to skeletal structure and mechanics.

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Steve Parker is the author of more than 100 books on nature, biology and science including the Natural History Museum Book of Predators, and has contributed to more than 50 others. He is a Scientific Fellow of the Zoology Society of London and has worked for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the BBC, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.