Creatures of the Deep

John Woodward

Creatures of the Deep takes readers on an incredible 3D journey through the depths of the ocean. With the use of pop-ups, fold-out landscapes and stunning illustrations, this interactive book reveals the strange but wondrous residents of this dark and inhospitable world.

978 0 565 09246 7
July 2009
254 x 254 mm
30 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum


Each of the ocean's three zones - sunlit zone, twilight zone, and dark zone - is explored in turn, but the book's focus is on the deep ocean which begins some 200m (600ft) below the surface. Colourful, fact-filled pages reveal the ocean's dramatic deep-sea landscapes, the thousands of fascinating species that live there, the people who study them, and their latest spectacular discoveries.

With details of ocean exploration, from early pioneers to modern-day research, and information on threats to this fragile habitat, Creatures of the Deep is a fun and fascinating introduction to life at the bottom of the ocean.

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Pages from Creatures of the Deep

Pages from Creatures of the Deep.

Pages from Creatures of the Deep

Pages from Creatures of the Deep.

Pages from Creatures of the Deep

Pages from Creatures of the Deep.


John Woodward has been a wildlife enthusiast all his life, with a particular interest in the more bizarre life-forms that flourish in the world's oceans. 

He has written more than 30 books and many hundreds of articles on all aspects of wildlife, earth sciences and the natural environment, and has helped to produce many major reference books and encyclopedias covering various aspects of science and the natural world.


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"A magnificent book about the weird creatures which live 200 metres below the ocean's surface. A visual feast!"

Anorak: The Happy Mag for Kids

"This book taught me lots I never knew and I would love to see some of the weird creatures for real. My favourite is the gulper eel, which has such a huge mouth it can eat things as big as itself!"

Review by 12-year-old reader - Sunday Express

"‘It's very colourful and realistic pages make this book very attractive to read…I highly recommend it.’"

Review by 12-year-old reader - Scottish Wildlife Magazine

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