Animal Close-ups: Hunters

Barbara Taylor

The deadliest members of the animal kingdom are here! We explore the hunting skills of predators large and small, and take a close look at how they trap, chase and catch their prey.

978 0 199 10892 3
February 2002
210 x 210 mm
24 pp
Colour throughout
Oxford University Press in association with the Natural History Museum
4-7 year olds


Animal Close-ups: Hunters looks at the deadliest members of the animal kingdom. It explores the amazing and varied ways in which they track down and catch their prey, with tricks, wings, stings, claws and teeth. The first person text is lively and direct, to really engage the young reader. Featured are: wolf, shark, hawk, frog, snake,weasel, spider, wasp and water boatman.

Animal Close-ups: Hunters is available to order from our co-publisher Oxford University Press. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.


Barbara Taylor has previously written the Weird and Wonderful Series for children, which was also published in association with the Museum.

About the series

This series for children aged four to seven years makes a perfect introduction to the wonders of the natural world. They look at related groups of animals in spectacular photographs, and zoom right in on their fascinating details, to see in close-up how nature has designed them for living.

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