Age of the Dinosaur

Steve Parker

Encounter life on Earth millions of years ago with this fun and fact-filled activity book about dinosaurs and the world in which they lived. 

978 0 565 09329 7
September 2013
272 x 207 mm
48 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum


Welcome to the Age of the Dinosaur. Packed with fascinating facts, dinosaur discoveries and fun puzzles and games, this colourful book explains what life was like on Earth millions of years ago, when the planet was a very different place. 

Find out what the world looked like and how it changed, which incredible creatures, plants and animals lived there, who survived to live another day, and how scientists know all this. Enjoy your trip!

  • Watch out for giant claws, fossil droppings, and teeth as thick as big bananas
  • Get to grips with squishy sponges, killer crocodiles and sea monsters bigger than buses
  • Meet the world’s first known bird and the deadly animal that may have terrified the terrible T.rex
  • Discover who lived when and who ate what in fun dinosaur puzzles and games
  • Find out why all the dinosaurs disappeared forever and who survived after they were gone
  • The book is fully checked and approved by an expert from the Museum

See inside

Look inside this book to get an idea of its content.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

Contents page and introduction.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

The book explores the different time Periods during the Mesozoic era and what type of creatures lived during each Period.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

Fossils are covered too, including what they are and how they are found. Readers can also try a fun fossil word search.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

There are details of what the environment looked like and which dinosaurs were the first to evolve.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

No dinosaurs lived in the water. However, there were many other kinds of creatures living in Jurassic seas and oceans.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

In the sea, some of the reptiles were true giants!

Age of the Dinosaur pages

In the age of the dinosaur there were many warm shallow seas called lagoons. In them swam some real sea monsters!

Age of the Dinosaur pages

During the Jurassic most places on land were warm and damp, with huge forests of giant ferns and conifer trees.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

As the Jurassic moved into the Cretaceous Period, new kinds of creatures took to the skies – birds. You can colour in an Archaeopteryx here.

Age of the Dinosaur pages

As the first birds swooped through Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous skies, they were not alone. There were already many kinds of flying creatures.


Steve Parker is an author, editor and consultant specialising in the natural world, biology, technology and general sciences. He has written more than 250 books and has worked on the staff at London's Natural History Museum. Steve is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London. 

The book is fully checked and approved by an expert from the Palaeontology Department of the Natural History Museum.

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