Plant Names in Homeopathy

An annotated checklist of currently accepted names in common use

Vilma Bharatan, Christopher J. Humphries and John R. Barnett

This booklet provides a standard reference system for plant names used in homeopathy, which is of great benefit to all users of plant remedies.

978 0 565 09177 4
January 2002
215 x 135 mm
126 pp


The 'plant' remedies used in homeopathy are mostly Angiosperms with some Gnetales, conifers, a few species of lichen, brown and red algae, mosses and ferns, and several species of fungi. These 'remedies' have accumulated gradually during the past 200 years. As a result some are known by a variety of epithets, occasionally some of which are obscure, with names reaching back to the depths of time often with little justification with respect to a recognised code. 

In other words, the Homeopathic Materiae Medicae consists of both vernacular and common names, but mostly Latin names. However, at least half of the current names used in homeopathy need correcting with respect to the modern botanical code (ICBN, 2000).

In response to the problem this booklet provides a standard reference system for homeopathic practitioners and other users of plant remedies by reconciling the old codes with the current Botanical Code of Nomenclature.

Plant Names in Homeopathy is available to order from the Botany Department at the Museum.

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