Mayangna panan basin: Plantas medicinales del pueblo Tawahka

(Our medicinal plants: Medicinal plants of the Tawahka people)

Paul House and Indalesio Sanchez

Medicinal plants used by the Tawahka people of Honduras are described in this unique book

978 0 565 09019 7
February 1997
210 x 297 mm
137 pp
Natural History Museum


The plants are illustrated by line drawings and their names, plant descriptions, parts used, medicinal uses and methods of preparation are given in Spanish and in the language used by the Tawahka. 

There is a glossary giving Spanish equivalents for local words, and indexes to the Latin and Spanish names, and names used by the Tawahka and Miskito.

Mayangna panan basin is available to order from the Botany Department at the Museum.

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