Lichen Flora of Great Britain and Ireland

Lichen flora of Great Britain and Ireland cover

Edited by O. W. Purvis, B. J. Copping, D. L. Hawksworth, P. W. James and D. M. Moore

Drawing on the expertise of 49 contributing lichenologists from Britain and abroad, this book contains the first comprehensive, modern account for over 60 years of all lichens occurring in the British Isles.

978 0 565 01163 5
January 1992
240 x 172 mm
710 pp
Natural History Museum in association with The British Lichen Society


Full descriptions of genera and species are presented including distributional (both in Britain and abroad), chemical and ecological information. Comparisons are also made between closely related taxa. 

Diagnostic keys to each genus including a key to all genera, with a specific key to sterile lichens growing on bark and wood, are a special feature. 

This comprehensive identification guide will be an indispensable reference to all students of lichenology and other biologists working in related fields.

This title is now out of print.

About the editors

Dr William Purvis is a lichenologist at the Natural History Museum, London. He has carried out pioneering research into why different species accumulate metals, and the implications for biomonitoring and classification. He is involved in using lichens as bioindicators of environmental health and carries out taxonomic research on critical groups. William is the author of Lichens also published by the Museum.

Dr B. J. Coppins is a Principal Scientific Officer at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.

Professor D. L. Hawksworth is Director of the International Mycological Institute, Egham

P. W. James was formerly Deputy Keeper in the Department of Botany at the Natural History Museum, London.

Professor D. M. Moore is Professor at the School of Plant Sciences, University of Reading.

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