Herbarium Linnaeanum

The Linnaean Collection of the Herbarium of Moscow State University: Digital Images, Comments, Historical Review

Sergey Balandin, Ivan Gubanov, Charles Jarvis, Sergey Majorov, Sergey Simonov

Dmitry Sokoloff, Sergey Sukhov

This CD-Rom, which provides images and contemporary annotations of specimens from the plant collection of Carl Linnaeus, will be fascinating to anyone with an interest in eighteenth-century natural history and botanical exploration in Russia.

ISBN 10:
5 86476 174 5
September 2001
Dehlia Co Ltd, Moscow, in association with the Natural History Museum


This CD-ROM provides digital images of 63 specimens, preserved in the Herbarium of Moscow State University, which are connected with Linnaeus (including the lectotype of Astragalus physodes L.) as well as iso-lectotypes and original material for a number of other Linnaean plant names. 

The images are organised in a single database, which includes nomenclatural comments and a comprehensive search-and-query mechanism. Some additional high-resolution images of a selection of the sheets are also included.

The CD-ROM also includes:

  • An overview of botany in Moscow, and Russia, between 1706 and 1843
  • A history of the Herbarium of Moscow University, its scientific profile and structure of its collections
  • Information on the main general Linnaean herbaria
  • Relevant references and portraits of many famous botanists

The Herbarium Linnaeanum CD-ROM is available to order from the Botany Department at the Museum.


Sergey Balandin is Associate Professor and Vice Head of the Geobotany Department of Moscow State University. 

Ivan Gubanov is a Senior Researcher and Curator of the Herbarium of Moscow State University. 

Charles Jarvis is Head of the Higher Plants Research Division of the Department of Botany, Natural History Museum, London. 

Sergey Majorov and Sergey Simonov are Research Botanists at the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University. 

Dmitry Sokoloff is a Lecturer in the Higher Plants Department of Moscow State University. 

Sergey V. Sukhov is a Computer Manager at Moscow State University.

About the Herbarium

The Herbarium of Moscow State University (MW) is one of only a few herbaria that possesses original specimens from the plant collections of Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778). 

Linnaeus, the creator of the binomial system of scientific nomenclature for plants and animals which continues in use today, kept many of his own specimens. These have marked historical significance, as well as considerable scientific importance as ‘type specimens’, which fix the application of his scientific names. 

The main part of Linnaeus's own herbarium (more than 13,000 sheets) is preserved at the Linnaean Society of London, but many important yet little-known specimens exist elsewhere.

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