An Atlas of British Diatoms

B. Hartley, H. G. Barber and J. R. Carter

Edited by P. A. Sims

This comprehensive set of illustrations of freshwater and marine diatoms provides diatomists with detailed scale drawings of some 2,000 species. It encompasses all the common species, most of which are world-wide in distribution.

978 0 948 73745 9
January 1996
248 x 182 mm
601 pp
Biopress Ltd in association with the Natural History Museum


Over 7000 illustrations have been arranged in an alphabetical order of genera and species to form a user-friendly guide to the identification of this most abundant group of organisms. 

The authors have an extremely detailed knowledge of diatoms with a deep understanding of the variation during the growth cycle, which is illustrated by multiple drawings of most taxa. 

This book will form a major source book for all those interested in diatoms with the classification having been brought up to date.

An Atlas of British Diatoms is available to order from our co-publisher Biopress Ltd. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

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