Sarah Stone

Natural curiosities from the New Worlds

Christine E. Jackson

This lavishly illustrated book reveals the intriguing tale of eighteenth-century discoveries from the Americas, Australia and Africa through the work of the naturalist painter Sarah Stone.

978 1 85894 063 2
October 1998
290 x 230 mm
160 pp
60 full colour illustrations
Merrell Publishers in association with the Natural History Museum


The work of naturalist painter Sarah Stone (1760–1844) was inspired by unknown and often bizarre species being seen by Europeans for the first time as they were brought back to England from expeditions, such as those of Captain Cook, to the New World. Her brilliantly coloured and elegantly composed studies of exotic birds, mammals, reptiles, shells, fossils and native artefacts, which are included in Christine Jackson's beautiful book, now serve as both essential scientific documentation and exquisite works of art. They are often the only remaining record of specimens that were used by scientists in the eighteenth century for descriptions of new species (some now extinct). Over 300 of these watercolours have now been reunited in the Library of the Natural History Museum.

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