Exposing Nature

The Natural History Museum photography guide

Frank Greenaway

Exposing Nature is ideal for all photographers, amateur or professional, who would like to learn more about how to capture images of wildlife and the environment.

978 0 565 09193 4
April 2006
275 x 210 mm
160 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum


How many times have you taken a photograph of an impressive landscape or a bird in a tree, only to find the result is nothing like what you saw with your own eyes? This book will help you to avoid the common mistakes and get closer to achieving the wildlife pictures you have in mind.

In this book aspiring nature photographers and naturalists will discover strategies for understanding their subjects and learn how to take accurate photographs, in even the most challenging conditions.

Frank Greenaway has distilled the insights and skills, gained over years of work in the field and studio, to bring you the definitive guide to natural history photography with both film and digital cameras.

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Pages from Exposing Nature

Find out how to take photographs of animals in different conditions.

Pages from Exposing Nature

Tips on composition and style.

Pages from Exposing Nature

Different techniques and practical advice for photographing birds.

Pages from Exposing Nature

Basic guidelines for photographing mammals.

Pages from Exposing Nature

The book's contents.


Frank Greenaway worked in the Photographic Unit of the Natural History Museum for 38 years. He is perhaps best known for his photography of bats and has also been a major contributor to over 30 book titles.


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"Basically a 'trade secrets' manual with great clarity, dispensing bucket-loads of advice to accompany extraordinary images of virtually every kind of animal and plant in every environment."

Outdoor Photography Magazine

"This book is indispensable to anyone serious about wildlife photography."

Amateur Photographer

"Packed with superb photographs and with good advice... For the budding all-rounder with aspirations, this is the book to get."

Birding World