Early American Herbaria and Related Drawings from the British Museum (Natural History)

4 colour and 13 monochrome microfiche

This collection of five American herbaria is reproduced on microfiche and includes works and specimens produced and collected by some of the greatest American naturalists.

January 1985
4 colour and 13 monochrome microfiche
Chadwyck-Healey in association with the Natural History Museum


The 4 colour and 13 monochrome microfiche are available separately, or as a single collection. 

William Bartram Herbarium
Herbarium and natural history drawings from three journeys in the period 1768-1776 to the southern colonies of Florida, Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas.
2 colour and 3 monochrome microfiche, £78.00

Mark Catesby Specimens in the Samuel Dale Herbarium
Specimens Samuel Dale, apothecary and physician, received from the famous naturalist, Mark Catesby, who collected plants in Virginia, the Carolinas, Florida, Jamaica and the Bahamas between 1712 and 1726.
2 monochrome microfiche, £21.00

John Leonard Riddell Herbarium
Riddell was Professor of Chemistry at New Orleans. The plants in his herbarium come from Louisiana, Ohio and Kentucky.
4 monochrome microfiche, £42.00

Thomas Walter Herbarium
Extensively annotated volume, including types, containing plants collected in Carolina and described in Walter's Flora Caroliniana (1788).
2 monochrome microfiche, £21.00

William Young Herbarium
Herbarium and watercolour drawings of Carolina plants collected in 1767 by William Young, nurseryman and gardener, appointed `Botanist to their Majestys' in Philadelphia in 1764.
2 colour and 2 monochrome microfiche, £68.00

Complete Microfiche Collection
4 colour and 13 monochrome microfiche, £200.00

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