Tales from Gombe

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers

Tales from Gombe is a beautiful and intimate portrait of the world-famous chimpanzees of Tanzania's Gombe National Park.

978 0 565 09350 1
September 2014
281 x 340 mm
324 pp
Over 200 colour photographs
Natural History Museum


The chimpanzees of Tanzania’s Gombe National Park are probably the most famous group of wild animals in history, having been observed and chronicled for more than 50 years

Through studies initiated by the palaeontologist and anthropologist Louis Leakey and carried out by the primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, people worldwide know their names and stories. 

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers have spent much of the last decade in their company, getting to know their characters and learning about the intricacies of their lives. Tales from Gombe provides an unparalled insight into their world. 

Through endearing stories and stunningly intimate photography, the book tells the story of their lives, an epic saga full of convoluted plots, family alliances, intrigue, love, passion, suffering, ambition, politics, puzzles, surprises and controversies. 

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers introduce us to all the different characters in this unique family, from the bold and mischievous Google and the powerful Titan to the enigmatic Freud. 

The combination of breathtaking photography and rich social history will inspire all those who read it to learn more about our closest cousins.

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Pages from Tales from Gombe

Pages from Tales from Gombe.

Pages from Tales from Gombe

Pages from Tales from Gombe.

Pages from Tales from Gombe

Pages from Tales from Gombe.

Pages from Tales from Gombe

Pages from Tales from Gombe.

Pages from Tales from Gombe

Pages from Tales from Gombe.

Pages from Tales from Gombe

Pages from Tales from Gombe.

About the authors

Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers specialise in photographing wild primates. The first of Anup’s many assignments for National Geographic was a story on the Gombe chimpanzees in March 2003. This was followed by the publication of three bestselling photographic books, Circle of Life, African Odyssey, and Serengeti Spy

He was featured in The World’s Top Wildlife Photographers and in Horzu magazine as one of the five best wildlife photographers in the world. He has won a number of categories in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and is one of the 10 ‘masters’ in the Natural History Museum book The Masters of Nature Photography

Fiona Rogers’ photos have been published as full length features in leading magazines including National Geographic, Smithsonian, Geo, BBC Wildlife and National Wildlife.


Find out what others think of Tales from Gombe.

"Stunning photos of Gombe chimpanzees…Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers provide an intimate insight into the world of chimpanzees."

BBC Wildlife magazine

"An intimate and stunningly illustrated account…These animals have been the subject of intensive study ever since Jane Goodall first made their acquaintance in 1960, but surely no other cameras have lingered on them so lovingly…this is much more than another African coffee table book. The intensity of the images speaks volumes about the photographers’ involvement with their subjects. The portraits, especially, have a Rembrandt-like depth, with every wrinkle and whisker steeped in meaning and emotion."

Travel Africa magazine

"…an unparalled insight into the world of the Gombe chimpanzee…fabulous."

Paa Tanzania magazine

"The social structure of these remarkable animals is documented in Tales from Gombe."

New Scientist

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