Sri Lankan Snails

Fred Naggs and Dinarzarde Raheem

Sri Lanka has a rich diversity of land snail species, most of which are unique to the island. This colourful fold-out chart is an illustrated guide to the major land snail groups.

Fold-out chart
November 2002
250 x 167 mm
8 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Musuem


All genera considered to be native to Sri Lanka are included but only selected examples of each species are shown. Each species featured is accompanied by a colour photograph, and the total number of described species currently recognised is also given. With a brief introduction to identification and details of snail diversity, this is the perfect guide for all those with an interest in the snails of this region.

Sri Lankan Snails is available to order from the Zoology Department at the Museum.


Fred Naggs is a Biodiversity Officer in the Mollusca Research Group of the Department of Zoology at the Natural History Museum. 

Dinarzarde Raheem is a DEFRA Research Assistant in the same group and department at the Museum.

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