Marine Interstitial Ciliates

An illustrated key

P. Carey

All species of interstitial ciliates inhabiting marine sands are included in this comprehensive identification guide. It describes all the specialised techniques necessary for the collection and transport of these organisms and covers in detail many laboratory procedures that have been developed.

978 0 412 40610 2
November 1991
246 x 189 mm
368 pp
Chapman & Hall in association with the Natural History Museum


The bulk of the book is taken up by an identification guide to all species inhabiting marine sands worldwide.

Diagnostic keys to 67 families, together with 179 generic descriptions are followed by keys to all 937 species considered valid. Detailed species descriptions are given, many in English for the first time, together with all essential diagrams in a total of 108 plates. The keys are easy to interpret and there is a glossary of specialist terms. 

There is a list of references and a systematic index to all species and their synonyms. A diagnostic key to species is a useful prerequisite to further studies of the ciliates, consequently this key has been eagerly awaited by many workers in marine life sciences. 

This guide should enable both specialist and non-specialist to identify to species level and should be fundamental to future meiobenthic research. It should be of interest to research and professional marine biologists, ecologists and marine microbiologists.

Marine Interstitial Ciliates: An Illustrated Key is available to order from our co-publisher Springer Distribution Center Ltd. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

About ciliated protozoa

The ciliated protozoa are important members of the interstitial biotope by virtue of their numbers and biomass. These single celled organisms form complex communities in the spaces between sandgrains in many marine sediments, and play an important role in benthic ecology.

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