Larval Stages of Northeastern Atlantic Crabs

An illustrated key

Ray Ingle

This identification guide will enable specialists and non-specialists to identify the larval stages of the majority of true crab species (brachyurans) that occur in the waters of the North East Atlantic Ocean.

978 0 412 40600 3
November 1991
254 x 178 mm
384 pp
Chapman & Hall in association with the Natural History Museum


This book includes detailed descriptions of crab larval morphology, methods of cultivation and an historical account of research in to crab larvae. 

Illustrated taxonomic keys are provided for the larval stages of over three quarters of crab species occurring in the area. Full synonymies and diagnoses are given for the species together with a complete regional bibliography. 

This book should prove to be a standard work on the larvae of this commercially important group. It should be of interest to undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers involved in marine biology and ecologists.

Larval Stages of Northeastern Atlantic Crabs is available to buy from our co-publisher Springer Distribution Center Ltd. For details of how to contact them, please visit Publishing partners.

About Northeastern Atlantic crabs

North East Atlantic waters are inhabited by over 120 species of lobster and crab-like crustaceans. Accurate identification of their larvae is necessary for basic research into these animals and also in the assessment of adult stocks of the commercial species. 

The larval stages of many occur frequently in plankton but are often difficult to identify due to limited knowledge of their morphology.

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