Land Snail Diversity in Sri Lanka

Fred Naggs and Dinarzarde Raheem

A species list of the known snail fauna of Sri Lanka, complete with CD-ROM. There are 402 coloured images of 227 species and additional subspecies, with four views of each specimen.

978 0 565 09151 4
Spiral bound
January 2000
297 x 210 mm
203 pp
Colour plates
Natural History Museum


This volume brings to light a wide rage of information on the Sri Lankan snail fauna, much of which is currently only available in the collections and libraries of the Museum. 

It is designed to be used as a comprehensive guide in the field and, wherever available, type specimens have been figured. Where a specimen lot exhibits significant variation, two or more individuals have been figured. 

The book also includes a CD which is a copy of the printed version.

Land Snail Diversity in Sri Lanka is available to order from the Zoology Department at the Museum.

About the authors

Fred Naggs is a Biodiversity Officer in the Mollusca Research Group of the Department of Zoology at the Natural History Museum. 

Dinarzarde Raheem is a DEFRA Research Assistant in the same group and department at the Museum.

About the project

Supported by the Darwin Initiative the Tropical Land Snail Diversity project builds on earlier projects with conservation work in Sri Lanka that we hope will serve as a model for developing projects in South and Southeast Asia.

The first task on the 1999-2002 Sri Lankan project was to compile an illustrated land snail species list for Sri Lanka. This was the starting point for assembling current knowledge and was published as a book in 2000.

This work was developed in the 2003-2005 project to investigate a wide range of questions. These included the origin of the fauna, its history, current threats, particularly the impact of forest loss and fragmentation, conservation strategy and future prospects.

The ecological investigations focus on the impact of rainforest fragmentation and the importance of different types of human transformed habitats as reservoirs of native species. These transformed habitats range from the traditional home gardens that retain a significant component of endemic species to intensively cultivated cash crops where native snails may be completely absent and high densities of exotic species occur.

Find out more about the Tropical Land Snail Diversity project.

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