The Natural History Museum Book of Predators

Steve Parker

Witness the intriguing, exciting, awesome and often terrifying battles between predators and prey, in this eye-opening book.

October 2001
286 x 239 mm
128 pp
Colour throughout
Carlton Books in association with the Natural History Museum
Family reference


Steve Parker brings you face to face with nature's deadliest creatures. They include not only world-famous big killers such as the tiger, polar bear, wolf, eagle and great white shark, but also the most venomous snakes, spiders and scorpions on Earth, as well as lesser-known yet just as lethal hunters – massive but stealthy anacondas, lurking alligators, innocent-looking sea wasps and coneshells, and small but fearsome dragonflies and praying manti.

The Natural History Museum Book of Predators explains exactly what makes an animal an effective hunter. It shows you the amazing senses that predators use to detect prey, uncovers their cunning traps and deadly poisons, and portrays the incredible arsenal of weapons including claws, teeth, jaws, spikes and horns.

Steve Parker also delves into the lives of deadly pack hunters who co-ordinate their kills of large prey, exposes animals who steal meat from others rather than catch their own, and assesses the risks of people falling victim to a predator's power. Discover that it's not always strength, skill and cunning that decide whether an animal gets its meal or becomes one!


Steve Parker is an author, editor and consultant specialising in the natural world, biology, technology and general sciences. He has written more than 250 books including Museum of Life and Human Body also published by the Museum. Steve has worked on the staff at the Natural History Museum and is a Senior Scientific Fellow of the Zoological Society of London. 

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