Natural History Museum Atlas of Bird Migration

Edited by Jonathan Elphick

How far can birds fly? Where do they go? And why? This comprehensive atlas reveals the world migration routes of over 600 species from both north and south of the Equator.

978 0 565 09218 4
March 2009
290 x 250 mm
176 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum

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Written by a team of international experts, the book features the amazing results of new satellite tracking and worldwide banding. A detailed introduction including flight techniques, feeding, biology and navigation supplement the continent-by-continent survey. With an up-to-date focus on environmental threats and conservation initiatives throughout, this authoritative atlas is an essential guide to these remarkable journeys.

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African migrants

African migrants



North American migrants

North American migrants

Birds of prey

Birds of prey

About the editor

Jonathan Elphick studied zoology at Swansea University, and has subsequently worked for over 38 years as a wildlife writer, editor, consultant, lecturer and broadcaster, specialising in ornithology.

The many books and articles he has written include an award-winning field guide to the birds of Britain and Ireland, The Birdwatchers’ Handbook (published by BBC Worldwide in 2001), and the highly acclaimed Birds: The Art of Ornithology, a study of ornithological art through the ages (published by Scriptum Editions, in association with the Natural History Museum, in 2004). He also worked for five years as researcher on Birds Britannica (published by Chatto & Windus, 2005) the best-selling book on the cultural history of the birds of these islands and our changing attitudes to them. Jonathan is currently writing a book of essays on a wide selection of bird species, which will bring in a variety of facets that interest him, including practical field ornithology, the latest biological research and the history of natural history, and will reflect his personal reactions to the birds.  He is also embarking as researcher on a major project examining the many ways in which people interact with birds worldwide.

A passionate naturalist since childhood, he has travelled extensively at home and abroad to study birds and other wildlife and promote conservation. He was recently elevated to Scientific Fellowship of the Zoological Society of London in recognition of his services to the popularisation of zoology and last year was elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.


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""The wonder of migration is present on every page of this meticulously researched book…it comes highly recommended"

BBC Wildlife Magazine , 15 February 2007

"A good book for browsing, or for when the kids ask: where does that bird go in winter?"

New Scientist , 14 March 2007

"Attractive, readable book"

Birdwatch Magazine , 15 August 2007

"Handsomely illustrated book that traces the world migration routes of more than 100 species both north and south of the equator."

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