Animal Migration

Remarkable journeys by air, land and sea

Ben Hoare

This spectacular guide explores the mysteries of animal migration over land, through oceans and by air. 

Lavishly illustrated with more than 300 colour photographs, maps, and illustrations, Animal Migration covers every continent as it traces the routes of 50 remarkable migrations – including those of polar bears, wildebeest, hummingbirds, iguanas, sharks and many others.

978 0 565 09243 6
March 2009
290 x 250 mm
176 pp
Colour throughout
Natural History Museum


With a supplementary catalogue of the world’s greatest places to observe migration, this beautful and authoritative book will appeal to all wildlife enthusiasts.

An illustrated introduction explains how migration works and why animals migrate, either as part of mass migrations or on individual journeys. It also describes the navigation, reproduction and feeding strategies of these animals, as well as discussing the growing threats facing migratory wildlife today.

The three sections that follow look in detail at the most extraordinary voyages animals take across land, oceans and by air. Profile boxes give fast facts on each species; informative maps draw on the latest research to show migration routes in different seasons; and special features focus on topics of particular interest.


  • Includes 50 remarkable animal journeys and covers every continent
  • Written by a natural history expert and fully checked and approved by Museum scientists
  • Contains catalogue of the world’s greatest places to observe migration

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Animal Migration book

Land animals migrating

Animal Migration book

Land mammals migrating

Animal Migration book

Land animals migrating

Animal Migration book

Penguins migrating

Animal Migration book

Marine animals migrating

Animal Migration book

Migratory birds


Ben Hoare is an author and editor who specialises in natural history, especially ornithology. He has contributed to many books and encyclopedias, including several bestselling reference titles for Dorling Kindersley, and has written 12 books for children. His work has also appeared in BBC Wildlife and Birdwatch magazines and on BBC websites.

A keen amateur naturalist, Ben has travelled to every continent in search of wildlife adventures and recently achieved his dream of seeing the world’s largest and smallest birds. He has an MA from Cambridge University and is a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.


Find out what others think of this book.

"These breathtaking migratory feats inspire a multitude of questions…The answers can all be found in this well researched and exquisitely presented book. The text is easy to understand and calls upon a wealth of case studies – presented species by species and spanning the entire animal kingdom – each illustrated with stunning images and maps…A model of clarity, this book provides an up-to-date summary of one of the great wonders of the natural world."

BBC Wildlife Magazine

"What compels animals to undertake extraordinary challenges of migration, crossing unthinkable distances over hostile terrain? In this book zoologist Ben Hoare not only explains why but how they know where to go and how to get there."

Daily Express

"This is a truly stunning album, beautifully produced with over 300 extraordinary photographs…not just a picture book but a serious attempt to inform the reader. This is a must-buy for an amateur naturalist."

Good Book Guide

"With such breathtaking facts about the routes of 50 animal travellers, you’ll need to take a rest just from reading about these epic journeys."

The Field Magazine

"I turned the pages and was met with stunning photographs – and I mean stunning. A superb book, but how did they produce such an outstanding volume for that price?"

Highland News

"...explains how animals migrate across hostile territory, why they migrate, the orientation strategies, and also how migration works...beautifully illustrated..."

Mammalia Journal

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