Seminar 2, Adopting a Research Culture

Learning research seminar
25 March 2014
The Natural History Museum

This second seminar focused on implementing a learning research culture within natural history settings.

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Representatives from cultural institutions told how they have incorporated research into their working practices.They discussed how they did it and considered the implications for policy.

Speakers also examined the concept of mediation as a research theme and looked at two case studies on researching the impacts of informal educator training, and about meeting a scientist.

Keynote address

Professor Kevin Crowley from UPCLOSE (University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out of School Environments) discussed how the University of Pittsburgh has helped local museums adopt a research culture to improve practice.

  • Dr Emily Pringle (Tate)
  • Linda Conlon (Centre for Life)
  • Emma Pegram (Natural History Museum)
  • Amy Seakins (Natural History Museum/King’s College London)

Presented by the Natural History Museum in partnership with King's College London, sponsored by ESRC.

King's College London
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