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Dig those dinosaurs

An incredible summer of dinosaur fun 14 July - 3 September

Join our summer of dinosaur fun and go prehistoric for the holidays. With dinosaur exhibitions, activities and events, not to mention dino food, books and gifts, there's only one place for kids to be this summer.

Dino Jaws
What did dinosaurs eat - and how do we know? Featuring the most frighteningly lifelike moving dinosaurs ever created, this family blockbuster exhibition explores the sometimes gruesome, and often disgusting, subject of dinosaurs and their food.

From the infamous flesh-eating T.rex to the plant-munching Iguanodon, different dinosaurs ate different foods and often had unique ways of gathering (or catching) their dinner. This unmissable new exhibition is designed for families with children aged four and over. You'll become a dino-detective and study dinosaur jaws, claws, guts and even poo, to discover what dinosaurs ate, using the same techniques real scientists use.

Bringing together intriguing fossil evidence, fun hands-on exhibits, scientific insights and the most realistic animatronics you have ever seen, Dino Jaws reveals everything scientists now know about what and how dinosaurs ate.

Dates:  30 June 2006 - 15 April 2007
Admission:  £8, £5 concessions, free for children aged three and under, £21 family (up to five, minimum one adult).

Dino Dig
Dig for dinosaurs on the lawns of the Natural History Museum this summer. Two of the UK's resident dinosaurs - the planteating giant Iguanadon and one of Britain's largest hunters, Neovenator - are lurking under the sand. We need your help to find them! Will you unearth a rib, discover a skull or uncover a claw? Whatever you find, you'll be helping us to piece together the bones of these two massive skeletons, which reveal so much about the way these cretaceous creatures lived. Staffed by interpreters to help visitors get to grips with being palaeontologists out in the field, this event is best suited to children aged four to 11.

Dates:  14 July - 3 September
Admission:  £4
Joint tickets with Dino Jaws are available at the ticket desk. Timed tickets in operation.

Dinosaurs gallery
Explore the 160 million years of the dinosaur era - find out what the dinosaurs looked like and how they evolved. Come up close to a terrifying animatronic T.rex . Inspect the Triceratops skeleton, and sort the facts from the myths about why dinosaurs died out. Free.

Shopping with dinosaurs
Browse the incredible Dino Shop at the exit to Dino Jaws for a huge variety of dinosaur-related gifts, including toys, masks, games, models, T-shirts and recently published books.

Eating with dinosaurs
Whether you're a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore, take a break at one of our restaurants and enjoy our dino-themed menus. Choose from tasty hot meals in the Restaurant, freshly baked filled baguettes in the Sandwich Bar or coffee and delicious cakes in the beautiful surroundings of the Café.

Dinosaur activities and events
Take part in one of our free dinosaur events. For more information, please visit an information desk on arrival.

Hands On Nature -- Dinosaurs     All ages
Every Saturday and Sunday plus Monday, Wednesday and Friday  (24 July - 1 September), 11.00-13.00 and 14.00-16.00 (times may vary).
Take a closer look at some interesting dinosaur specimens with the help of our explainers in the Marine Invertebrates gallery.

Crafty Nature - Dangerous Dinosaurs    Under 7s
15 July and 5, 19 August, 11.00-13.00 and 14.00-16.00
Join our artists for exciting crafty workshops, using interesting materials to make fun creations based on dangerous dinosaurs in the Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery.

Dippy Floor Puzzle        Under 7s
Get to grips with Diplodocus , and discover more about this amazing dinosaur, using our soft toy floor puzzle. Please check for availability at the Central Hall ticket desk.

Monster Explorers       Under 7s
Grab your binoculars, put on your backpack and take a mini-monster adventure around the Museum. Refundable deposit required. Please ask at the Central Hall ticket desk.
What Did Dinosaurs Eat?      Ages 7+
From August 2006, 10.30-17.00
Come and discover the food that dinosaurs ate by getting to grips with our collection of fossils. Then use your investigative skills to match plant fossils with their living relatives in our courtyard garden. Investigate, Basement Gallery Q.


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