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Press release

Meet the hungry dinosaurs

Dino Jaws
30 June 2006 - 15 April 2007

What did dinosaurs eat - and how do we know? Find out this summer at the Natural History Museum's new family blockbuster exhibition, introducing you to the fascinating, and sometimes disgusting, subject of dinosaurs and their food.

From the infamous flesh-eating T. rex to the plant-munching Iguanodon , different dinosaurs ate different foods and often had unique ways of gathering (or catching) their dinner. Dino Jaws includes nine of the most lifelike and spectacular animatronic dinosaurs ever created to bring this gruesome subject to life.

'Everyone knows that T. rex was a meat-eater, but can you tell what Baryonyx ate, and have you seen the sinister evidence of what Coelophysis had for dinner?' said Dr Angela Milner, dinosaur expert at the Natural History Museum. 'You'll become a dino-detective and study dinosaur jaws, claws, guts and even poo to discover what dinosaurs ate, using the same techniques real scientists use.'

This unmissable new exhibition is designed for families with children aged four and over. Bringing together intriguing fossil evidence, fun hands-on exhibits, scientific insights and the most realistic animatronics you have ever seen, it will reveal everything scientists now know about what and how dinosaurs ate.


Visitor information
Opening hours: 10.00-17.50
Admission: £8, £5 concessions, FREE for children aged three and under, £21 family (up to five, minimum one adult). Booking opens 1 May 2006.
Visitor enquiries: 020 7942 5000

Notes for editors
· Winner of the 2004 Large Visitor Attraction of the Year award, the Natural History Museum is also a world-leading science research centre. Through its collections and scientific expertise, the Museum is helping to conserve the extraordinary richness and diversity of the natural world with groundbreaking projects in 68 countries. The Museum is committed to encouraging public engagement with science.

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