Children embrace Plastic in the Thames campaign

13 January 2014

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Watch the video of the making of a mosaic from discarded bottle tops during the Museum's Plastic Awareness Weekend.

Evidence of London's river of rubbish shocked the public in a recent report. Many came out to show their support at a Museum weekend event in January, run in conjunction with Thames21 and EcoTales.

picking up litter

An enthusiastic supporter practices picking up litter at the Museum.

Following his work on the Plastic in the Thames paper, Marine Pollution Bulletin, Dr Paul Clark and his team are looking for funding to continue their collaboration with charity EcoTales. 

'There has been little work on plastics in rivers,' said Dr Clark. 'It's important we keep the momentum going.'


Rubbish work: Nets initially used for researching mitten crabs and eels showed the pollution along the Thames riverbed.