3D TV night at the Natural History Museum planned

31 May 2013

Stars of one of the world’s greatest natural history collections will come to life later this year in a new 3D TV tale of discovery, David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Adventure.

The Museum is working with Sky 3D on a show that takes you behind the scenes at night-time, exploring the galleries and introducing some of Attenborough’s favourite ancient creatures, selected from the renowned collection of over 70 million specimens.

Ground-breaking 3D technology and CGI effects will bring these inhabitants of the Museum alive, showing their behaviour and movement in a new light.

Written and presented by Attenborough himself, the UK’s favourite natural history presenter will bring his own unique insight into how ancient animals once roamed the planet.

Sir David Attenborough said, ‘The Natural History Museum has always been a special place for me. I’m excited to make a film using new 3D technology which will take the viewer on a journey through one of my favourite museums and look at it – and its inhabitants - in ways never seen before.

Dr Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum, said, 'Sharing the wonders of our world-class collections and our scientific expertise is at the heart of what we do at the Natural History Museum. This collaboration gives a fresh take on some of the fascinating inhabitants of the collections, which I hope will inspire and surprise viewers.'

David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Adventure premieres on Sky 3D in December 2013. It is a partnership between Sky 3D and Atlantic Productions and will be produced by Colossus Productions.

  • by Yvonne Da Silva
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