Visit The Unfeathered Bird exhibition at the Museum at Tring

22 March 2013

Discover the beauty of birds reduced to their bare bones in this new exhibition of artwork from The Unfeathered Bird, a book by artist and ornithologist, and former Natural History Museum curator, Katrina van Grouw.

Brown fish owl

Brown fish owl © Katrina van Grouw from The Unfeathered Bird, Princeton University Press

The Unfeathered Bird exhibition at the Natural History Museum at Tring, Hertfordshire, opens 23 March 2013. Works on display show the skeletons of birds engaged in natural behaviour. 

Through beautiful life-sized illustrations, visitors see how birds have adapted different lifestyles according to their habitats; a skeleton of a sparrowhawk plucking its prey, a cormorant drying its wings, and an underwater view of a swimming diver. 

As a former curator in the bird collections at the Museum at Tring, graduate of the Royal College of Art and successful fine artist, Katrina demonstrates that art and science really do mix.

Museum at Tring

The Natural History Museum at Tring opened in the late 1800s to house the collections of Lionel Walter, second Baron Rothschild. The Museum was bequeathed to the nation and became part of the Natural History Museum in 1938. The bird collections housed in the Museum are among the largest and most comprehensive in the world and are a resource of international importance in the development of scientific knowledge.

The book The Unfeathered Bird by Katrina van Grouw, published by Princeton University Press, is available at the Museum Shop at Tring, priced £34.95.

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