Night-time revellers: new Nocturnal Creatures exhibition at Tring opens 31 August

28 August 2013

Why do bats send out squeaks and fireflies illuminate their bottoms? Find out in a new children's exhibition at Tring, which reveals the survival secrets of nocturnal creatures.

As you fall asleep, a world of animals is just getting up.

We may bump into things as soon as the lights go out, but lots of animals get on just fine in the pitch black of night. 

Live wriggly worms are on display alongside specimens of lorises, lemurs, foxes and frogs at the Natural History Museum at Tring, Hertfordshire. 

A special low-lit gallery will help visitors get in the mood and uncover the intricacies of the animal's super senses.

The exhibition runs from 31 August - 17 November 2013 and is free.

Nocturnal Creatures at Tring

See what goes on when you're sleeping at the Nocturnal Creatures exhibition, Tring.